Green Tea for the Discerning

Green Tea with Barley Whiskers

Have you chosen the right brand of green tea?

Many brands of green tea powder are readily available in the market place today. However many of them contain additives such as bicarbonates that can pose a danger to one's health.

Generic green tea powder is processed via grinding, which emits heat that kills the catechins found in green tea. Catechins of which, ironically, are antioxidants and are beneficial to your health.

Our Beeline Supremacy

Beeline Organic Green Tea is cultivated on the mountain slopes of Mie Prefecture in Japan. For over 50 years, Mie Prefecture has been known the world over as a region respected for its green tea cultivation.

Grown on lush pristine mountain slopes which promote a natural run-off irrigation, it is in Mie where the green tea cultivated retains its world wide supremacy.

Superior Processing of Beeline Green Tea Powder

The process is simple, yet effective:

Step One

After the cleaning process has been completed, the leaves are dried and undergo compression

Step Two

The compression process coaxes the delicate aroma to manifest itself from the leaves

Step Three

The leaves are then subjected to micro pulverization, resulting in fine powder at 20 microns

This allows the tea to become fully soluble in water whilst maintaining the flavour and quality of Beeline Organic Green Tea, delivered to you in its original flavour with maximum health benefits.

The efficacy of green tea is well known, in particular, the positive effects of Catechins on the human immune system which is proven in the prevention of cancer. Our green tea products, high-density micro-grounded green tea (15-20 microns), have been designed to maximize the absorption rate of this cancer-preventive nutrient.

Our products have been subject to extensive review and certification by the USDA / OCIA and the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association (JONA) as organically grown and chemical free.

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